If you have a strong website, the only other item you really need is a business card. No brochures, no pamphlets, no postcards….just a good business card.

Why? Because when you start out, this business is all about relationships and face-to-face marketing. All the marketing materials beyond the business card allow you to hide behind them and will usually will not help you earn new business, only hinder you. You are your best salesperson and a person hearing you explain your business is much more likely to hire you than a person reading about your business on a piece of paper (if they even read it).

The potential clients that do want to know more about your business can go to your website that you will list on your business card.

So make sure that you have a good quality card that gives the right image and all the necessary information. Here are some excellent sites to help you on your way:

There will be times that you may want a brochure and having business stationery is excellent for letters, invoicing, and any other correspondence. However, it isn’t necessary and won’t earn you additional business.

Your business will succeed or fail without fancy stationary so please start with what matters:

  • High quality, consistent service at a price your market will bear.
  • A targeted market and a plan of how to meet those people face-to-face.
  • Consistent networking.
  • A strong website and business card.

And once you have your card, always have some on you. I’ve heard women in my gym locker room talk about how overwhelmed they are and have won their business by pulling a card out of my gym bag. You never know when you may meet a client so keep a stack of cards in your bag, your wallet, your car, or whatever you have on you most of the time.

Sorry if this post is a bit heavy handed. Too many people email me about how they’ve spent many hundreds on mailers that haven’t earned them a single client. While I will post more on marketing down the line, I want to stress the importance of getting out there and meeting your target market…it’s hands down the best way to grow your business.

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11 Responses to All You Really Need is a Business Card

  1. Freda says:

    Hi Cameron, I operate a cooking tour service, I am also a personal chef, and I would love to incoporate a concierge service to my business niche, any suggestions or idea’s. Thanks F. G

    • Cameron says:

      To start, pay attention to additional needs your current clients have that you could fill with your skill sets. Perhaps their kitchen needs to be organized, fridge stocked, or they have an upcoming birthday that they need a planner for. If something comes up, offer your services and see if they are interested in your providing more than cooking. While those examples are still close to the kitchen, you can continue to branch out once you’ve offered something that is slightly related to what you already do.

      Since you already have two businesses that you’ll need to continue to massage, I’d branch out slowly and try to build up some concierge work with current clients. If you have a good client base and can test this out, I think you’ll learn quickly what is and what is not complimentary to what you already offer….and what your clients are willing to have you do in addition to cooking. Once you have an idea of what people would love for you to do in addition to cooking, you can offer that on your site, while networking, and when you meet new clients.

      Please let me know if this helps. Best of luck!

  2. EVELYN says:

    Hi Cameron. I have decided to start my own Personal Concierge Business and I am so glad I read Ur articular. I am a 51 year old and worked all my life and after 20 something years. I have nowhere to go to old for Company’s and starting School is a joke so I think u gave me the push I needed to get going THANK YOU.

    • Cameron says:

      Good luck to you Evelyn. Being a concierge can be very rewarding but it also has all the risks, stresses, and hard work of starting a new business. But you’ll never know until you try!

  3. Susan Ho says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts for the education. My company is less than a year old and I agree 100% about having relationships with people. They are the ones who will refer/recommend clients my way. This article stuck out for me because early on in my business, I also invested some money (thankfully not a lot) on other marketing materials i.e. fliers, color brochures, etc, in addition to my business cards. I have posted fliers before & in hindsight I wished I didn’t waste my time going out there to post them; that time could have been spent finding my next client instead. But, I agree that prospective clients want to know us and see us in person first (and build trust) rather than us hiding ourselves behind a glossy, face-less brochure. Thank you for all of this great information. Keep them coming!


    • Cameron says:

      Thanks Susan. Well said! I hope others read your post as it is a lesson that doesn’t need to be learned the hard way…and I’m not sure how many listen to my single voice!

  4. Someone says:


    Just wanted to help you out by letting you know that the following sentence should be fixed. “You’re business will succeed or fail without fancy stationary so please start with what matters:” The word “you’re” should be “your.”

    • Cameron says:

      Thanks! I’m sure there are a variety of grammatical errors throughout the site. I try to review my posts before putting them up, but my priority is getting the information out there and I often don’t have the motivation to review the articles as fully as I should. That was a pretty blatant error. It is corrected :)

  5. Amy says:

    Hello Cameron….your site is, by far, the most informative one out there in the concierge industry. Thank you for all the amazing tips! I can absolutely understand the “why” behind everything you say above….yet I internally struggle with it because I feel like folks won’t want to hire me through a referral in fear that I would share personal information with the referral. I never would….but have always feared that people will think I would. Any suggestions on getting over that hump…
    Thanks :)

    • Cameron says:

      Thanks Amy! As for your struggle, that has never been a concern of my clients and over 80% of them were referrals. You’re a professional and your clients know that. If they refer you to someone else, that new potential client is more likely to hire you because their friend or acquaintance has already vetted you and is essentially telling them that you are great, have integrity, and won’t share personal information (since the referrer isn’t concerned about it)! Frankly, I think this is a non-issue. Definitely something for you to get over as you’re probably leaving a lot of great business on the table by not pursuing referrals.

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