When I started my personal concierge company back in 2007, there were particular concierge sites that I looked to for guidance. Much of that guidance (how best to build your website, how to price yourself, what services to offer, etc.) I plan to provide you in greater detail in this blog as I move forward. However, even after I get around to writing those posts, looking at good examples of other personal concierge companies can help a great deal. Also, if you’re looking for the fast track on starting your business with more in depth information, you may want to consider The Personal Concierge Starter Kit.

PLEASE NOTE: These are companies I found randomly during online research and, as of the writing of this post, have never been in direct contact with. I’m not sure how successful they are, but a few of these are examples I took guidance from back in 2007 and I guess this is my way of complimenting their excellent sites or services. If you are a part of one of these companies, I’d love to hear from you!

Fini Concierge has been around for a while and their site is wonderfully comprehensive and personal. I appreciate their full list of services, that they include their prices, great FAQs, the news articles, and the about page. They are very clear on their terms and conditions and their processes, which is refreshing. It’s not the prettiest site, but I feel I can trust these people and would definitely try out Fini Concierge if I was in their target market. One thing I’d be curious about is how successful their client portal is and what is behind it as the majority of my clients weren’t interested in any online access I provided them.


Red Butler and Tillingers’ City Schleppers are very different forms of personal concierge businesses. Both feel much more corporate, impersonally professional, and limited in the services they provide. However, they are both impressive in their own right and have their place. Red Butler seems more fitting for the traveling professional while Tillingers seems to be targeting residential, commercial, and corporate towers for behind-the-desk concierges with the added bonus of errand running. My impression is that both likely target businesses who will pass on the benefits to their employees or building tenants.

6/9/2012 Update – It seems the Red Butler site is down. I’m not sure if they went out of business, but I’ve removed the dead links from this page. I’m leaving the info here as an FYI.

Priority Errands does an excellent job of keep the site fresh with a blog, a great Twitter profile, and rave reviews. Cheryl of Priority Errands has taken a different approach and seems to spend a fair amount of time on her online presence. It is a different marketing approach than most personal concierge companies seem to pursue and I’m curious if it has led to her having more tech savvy customers. Her rates are difficult to find on her site and seem low, but it is clear that she loves what she does and that’s a great thing.

8/17/2012 Update – Priority errands has closed. Sadly it looks like I’ll need to do a new example post soon.

Pindone is a startup that provides a less personal experience but certainly a different approach. Limited services and more web-based, pindone is all online for quick errands. I’m not sure how this might help you think about starting your own personal concierge business, but I thought it was cool enough to share.

Lifestyle Elements is a nice clean site with great information about the benefits of a personal concierge, service listings, straightforward rates (thank you!), and a great blog that pulls you in. They’ve also taken an extra smart step to add a free ebook to those that sign up for their newsletter, which is a great way to get a nice list of potential clients to market to.

Update September 2012: With a few of these businesses closed, I felt it was time to create a follow-up post: Great Concierge Company Examples – Round II. Worth checking out.

As you can see from this selection, there is quite a variety of sites and offerings. It is also helpful to remember that plenty of personal concierge companies do not have websites. Feel free to find other personal concierge sites that fit what kind of concierge you want to be and perhaps target a similar market.

Are there any other excellent personal concierge sites worth sharing? Please comment below!

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13 Responses to Great Personal Concierge Company Examples

  1. Abbie Allen says:

    Wow! I have just discovered your post Cameron and was thrilled to see you have featured the Lifestyle Elements site. I am so pleased with your feedback, particularly about our blog and the e-book. We are constantly trying to make our site as useful and interactive as possible, so thank you for your support. If there is every anything else I can help you with, please let me know. I am now about to search your site a little more :)

    • Cameron says:

      Thanks Abbie! I’ve been quite impressed with your site so nice work :) I hope it has been and continues to be quite successful for you. I may be in touch in the coming months!

  2. Abbie Allen says:

    Thanks! And would love to hear from you any time :)

  3. Kasia says:

    Thank you very much for all this great info. It’s extremely interesting to see the many different ways “concierge” can be presented.

  4. Alejandro Rivas says:

    You’re Amazaing Cameroon, i just started with this in Los Cabos, Mexico and maybe i need some help!

  5. Sue says:

    Running in Heels also has an excellent website.

  6. Sue says:

    Hi Cameron

    Website: http://www.runninginheels.com.au



  7. Shena M says:

    I am embarking on starting my own concierge business and hsve been aggressively researching all that I can and while doing so came across your site. Thanks so much for all the useful tips. Hope to be as successful. Keep up the amazing job!

  8. Kathy says:

    Hi Cameron,

    I too am considering starting my own concierge business and have found your site to be very useful. I have a question that I am hoping you can help me with. I have heard that when working with vendors, concierge services can receive a percentage of the rate charged by the vendor. In other words, if a client wants their house cleaned and you call a cleaning agency to do the job, the cleaning agency will give you a percentage of the rate since you recommended their service. Is this correct and if so, do you know how much the concierge service would get? Also, when you hired a vendor to do a job, did you go and inspect the job to make sure that everything was being done properly, or did you just trust your vendors that it would be done right? Sorry one last question, do vendors have to sign any type of contract?

    Thanks so much.

  9. Marika says:

    HI Cameron,

    I am a passionate of your wonderful blog and I follow any of your useful tips, as I have in mind to start my own personal concierge business.
    I would like to share something with you, if you don’t mind, I work as a personal assistant in S.Monica CA, and we have couple of offices in Beverly Hills CA as well, my company after my personal research of a best and reliable one, is using what i believe to be one of the most professional, honest and very easy to work with concierge in Los Angeles greater area.
    Since you are the Guru of the Concierges I would like to let you know about this company, its name is DOWNTOTASK, and website http://www.downtotask.com, every time we use them I am so amazed of their “can do attitude” and the fact that they don’t only go extra miles for you but they are simply outstanding. Those guys rock.

    Thank you to share you precious time in reading my comment, and keep it up with the exceptional work you are doing , is teaching me a lot f stuffs.

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